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Ordinance aims to balance property rights and towing practices
You can't buy one; or see it at the museum
Thirteen-hour repo attempt raises questions
Lodar product features a 200' range
Todisco Towing dedicates truck to cancer awareness
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American Towman Magazine Presents the Week in TowingJune 29 - July 05, 2016
Towman Saves Driver's Life
Tower Isaiah Hapersham was on his way to a call when he came across a driver trapped in a burning car on the Florida Turnpike. With a small axe in hand, he and another bystander smashed the windows and pulled out the unconscious driver. "I was just trying to hurry up and get him," said Hapersham. After breaking the windows, they opened the car door and unbuckled the man's seatbelt, pulling him to safety. "[They] stopped on the side of the turnpike and … saved his life, really," said Lauderhill Fire Rescue Capt. Jerry Gonzalez.
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State Police Cuts Ties to Company
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An investigation by Massachusetts State Police into a local towing company has prompted them to remove the company from its list of contractors. It comes after a young woman reported a tower asking her for sex while taking her home. MSP says they examined the driver's tow history during the last three months and found a second victim. According to MSP, this company has regularly towed cars along the turnpike and in the metro Boston area for police. The company told MSP the driver was fired, but MSP suspended Perfection Towing of Watertown indefinitely. In a statement, Watertown police said, "The Watertown Police Department has used Perfection Towing for more than 20 years and has not had any problems. The department is waiting for the State Police investigation to be completed."
Respected Towman Eady Passes
In over 40 years in the Pasadena, Texas, towing and wrecking industry, Byron Eady was a leader by example. On Monday morning, the industry honored Eady, owner of Eady Salvage Inc., by leading his funeral procession with a fleet of trucks. Eady passed away last Wednesday at 79. "He was just a very good friend, he would treat you like his brother and he would do anything to help anyone," said Larry Cernosek, owner of Cernosek Wrecker Service.
State Police Cuts Ties to Company
Since-fired company driver solicited sex twice
Towman Saves Driver's Life
Rescues unconscious driver from burning car
Respected Towman Eady Passes
Owner of Eady Salvage in Pasadena, Texas, was 79

Chicago Must Now Shoot Video

The Chicago (Ill.) City Council, with debate, approved a "towing bill of rights" in response to an avalanche of complaints about a local towing company.

Alderman Ameya Pawar led the charge just three months after a tense public hearing on the towing issue that featured a heated exchange between Pawar and Allen Perl, an attorney representing Protective Parking Services, doing business as Lincoln Towing.

Pawar has described as a "game-changer" the requirement that "each relocator" provide the Chicago Police Department with an annual list of locations where the company has an "active contract to remove unauthorized vehicles." The list would stipulate whether the agreement is to patrol the lot, or simply remove vehicles "upon request."

Another "big deal," as Pawar put it, is the requirement that towing companies "install on-board cameras on all vehicles used to relocate unauthorized vehicles" and provide motorists with "video and audio of the tow" upon request.

The Towing Bill of Rights would require "relocators" to post signs, spell out rates, photograph the illegally parked vehicle before it's towed and release vehicles if the owner arrives with the keys before it is towed.

If the owner of a relocated vehicle is not able to immediately pay to retrieve the vehicle, the company must give that motorist access to the vehicle to retrieve any personal belongings.

The Police Department would also have to be notified "within 30 minutes" of every tow.



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By Don Lomax
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Shame (No Other Word Applies)

For the second time in as many months, the news reports on a tower who refused service to a customer based on differences with an individual's ideology and lifestyle.

Rightfully so, this tower was terminated by his employer.

It's a different world out there today, and all professionals—regardless of whatever type of work is done—will have to learn to respect others if they want respect in return.

The industry has long fought an image problem, and instances like what's reported on this week's News Page ("Towman Allegedly Assaults Customer") doesn't help.

The mindset has to be one of professionalism and awareness that you serve the motoring public at ALL times. In this age of social media and instant communication, one especially has to be on guard with their actions.

Hopefully, I never have to read stories like this again regarding the towing industry.
--Charles Duke
ATTV Oz Reports
June 29 - July 05, 2016
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