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With the rampant increase in distracted driving towers need every advantage available to avoid costly accidents. Tow Industry Week Business Editor Brian J. Riker gives a presentation on the dynamic nature of tow trucks when loaded v. empty, following distance and other traffic hazards surely could help prevent some crashes. Join him for his seminar, “Defensive Driving/Driving Professionalism,” during Tow Industry Week, taking place at the American Towman ShowPlace, May 8-11 at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hino Expands Certified Ultimate Network

Hino Trucks has expanded its Certified Ultimate dealer network with the addition of eight dealers. Hino's Certified network now includes more than 25 dealerships operating nationwide that the company said continue to have outstanding performance year after year. The newly-inducted dealerships are: Interstate Trucksource, Romulus, Michigan; Gabrielli Truck Sales, Jamaica, New York; Hino of Baton Rouge, Port Allen, Louisiana; Flag City Truck, Findlay, Ohio; Bergey's Truck Center, Souderton, Pennsylvania; and Degel Truck Center, St. Louis, Missouri. Source:
From the American Towman News Bureau
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Towmen Pegged by BB Gun

Two towmen were shot with a pellet gun while on the job in Northwest Miami-Dade, Florida. According to the victims, the incident took place outside of a towing business at around 5 a.m., Saturday. The towmen, who asked not to be identified, said they were shot by pellets after a man came by to pick up his impounded vehicle. "I thought I was gonna die," said one of the victims. "I didn't know what was going on. I was standing outside of work, and a person came to release their car. They did so, they left and came back with a gun, and they shot me and my friend," he said. One victim said he was shot in the back and in one hand, where the projectile remains. Miami-Dade Police is investigating the incident. Source:

Fuel Prices Mostly Unchanged

Diesel fuel prices held mostly flat during the week ending March 18, falling by just 9/10 of a cent on average across the country, according to the Department of Energy's weekly update. The U.S.' average price for a gallon of on-highway diesel is now $3.07, which is about 10 cents higher than the same week a year ago. The nation's most expensive diesel can be found in California at $3.781 per gallon, while the cheapest diesel can be found in the Gulf Coast region at $3.869 per gallon. Source:
Towmen Pegged by BB Gun
Towmen attacked after releasing impounded vehicle
Hino Expands Certified Ultimate Network
Six dealerships inducted into network
Fuel Prices Mostly Unchanged
Prices fell just 9/10 of a cent on average last week

Bill Calls for Safer Work Zones

A bill sponsored by Washington State Rep. Bill Jenkin was unanimously approved by the state's House of Representatives March 12. The bill, 1469, seeks to modify the current provisions relating to how drivers approach emergency and work zone vehicles.

"People working on our roadways are continually placed in harm's way. Often, they are forced to jump out of the way of vehicles driving too fast around them," said Jenkin. "Firefighters, law enforcement officers and tow truck drivers have been killed working on the side of our roadways. My bill is a common-sense solution intended to save lives."

The bill would require drivers passing an emergency or work zone vehicle to reduce speed, change lanes and move away from the vehicle.

"This bill was initially brought to my attention by some of my local tow truck drivers. They wanted to know if there was anything that could be done to get drivers to slow down when approaching them on our roadways, similar to what drivers are supposed to do for first responders," Jenkin said.

"We all know the importance of slowing down when we approach an emergency vehicle on the side of the road, or drive through a construction work zone," he said. "Tow truck drivers deserve the same standard. My bill is about safety, bringing awareness to an increasing problem and saving lives."


Marketing Steps Up

Marketing to the towing industry has really stepped up. Better graphics, clear and precise information and most of all well-developed product by suppliers is truly advancing the industry.

I have the privilege of looking at many of the websites of suppliers in gathering information and doing research for the preparation of both Tow Industry Week and American Towman. It's very rare that I have to call contacts in the industry for an explanation as to the products that they are promoting. The marketing has become so much more sophisticated and professional over time.

When I came back to the industry five years ago, I was truly floored by the gains the industry had made since my last exposure to it nearly 20 years prior. This is well-reflected in the suppliers' product and service marketing. May its messaging—and product—continue to move forward.

--Charles Duke
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AccessToolsMaster c6563Access Tools' Truck Master Set includes essential car opening tools and accessories to get into virtually every heavy-duty truck, big rig and commercial vehicle, including Freightliner, Ford, Chevrolet, Kenworth, Peterbilt, International, Hino, Mack and more. The included manual provides detailed instructions, diagrams and pictures to aid in the opening of the vehicle. Come see all that Access Tools has to offer at the American Towman ShowPlace, May 8-11 at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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